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*Please be sure to check "notice" before purchasing. * This is not a mold for egg yolk ravioli. For egg yolk ravioli, please purchase mold-L. * The cutter does not come with it. Customers please prepare a cutter on your own. Cutters are also available on this online store. This mold-M fits perfectly "circle shape cutter for mold-M". "flower shape cutter for mold-M" do not fit this mold-M. * At the time of putting products into you shopping cart, it does not mean that you secure them. When the number of stock is only one, the same item will be put in several customers' carts. It is a system that a customer who completes all the purchasing procedures first can buy the goods. Due to this, after entering information such as your name, the item may become out of stock. Please understand beforehand that above phenomenon is not system errors. If you forgot to fill in the address, or need a receipt, please contact the following address within 2 hours from the date of purchase. [email protected] *こちらの製品は卵黄入りラビオリ用の型ではございません。 卵黄入りラビオリ用の型をご希望の方はmold-Lをご購入下さい。 * カッターは付属しませんので、抜き型をご自身でご用意下さい。 こちらのオンラインストアでも抜き型をご購入いただけます。 * ショッピングカートに入れた時点では、商品の在庫は確保されておりません。在庫数が1個の商品のため、数人のお客様のショッピングカートに同一商品が入ってしまいます。 先に全ての手続きが完了したお客様がご購入いただけるシステムとなっている為、お名前などの情報をご入力いただいた後でも、商品がsold outと表示される場合がございます。 これらの現象はシステムエラーではございませんので、あらかじめご了承下さい。 ご住所の記入漏れや領収書のご希望などがある場合は、ご購入から2時間以内に下記のアドレスまでご連絡下さい。 [email protected] handmade size:100×100×25mm material: Wood(Black Cherry) All products come with instruction manual. Please read it carefully before using and use the product correctly as well as safely. Also, please keep it properly so that you can see it anytime while using this product. 商品と一緒に取扱説明書をお送りいたします。ご使用前によくお読みになり、製品を正しく安全にご利用下さい。 また、本製品の使用中にいつでもご覧になれるように大切に保管して下さい。 Oil may bleed from the product we sent, however it does not affect any in terms of quality or safety. 商品開封時にオイルの滲みがある場合がございますが、製品の品質や安全性には問題はございません。 〈 Shipping way 〉 All products are to be shipped from our factory within 3 business days after purchasing. Postage is added to each product. 〈 Tariffs 〉 Before purchasing our product, please be sure to check import tariffs in your country. Customer must bear the Import duties for receiving the products. Also, please be aware that shipment may be delayed due to customs clearance.

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