Information Provided Under Japan's Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Sales Price


Postage is added to each product.

〈 Tariffs 〉
Before purchasing our product, please be sure to check import tariffs in your country.
Customer must bear the Import duties for receiving the products.
Also, please be aware that shipment may be delayed due to customs clearance.

Timing and Method of Payment of Price

〈 支払方法 〉

〈 支払時期 〉 商品注文時点でお支払いが確定いたします。

〈 Payment Method 〉
PayPal only

Returns Policy

〈 返品交換について 〉

〈 Returned / Exchange goods 〉
Return or exchange goods due to customer's convenience is not accepted. If you receive wrong product or there is damage on product during transport, but please contact us by e-mail within two days after receiving.

Delivery Period for Services or Goods

〈 発送方法 〉日本国内へは配送のご依頼を受けてから、3日以内に宅急便コンパクトにて発送いたします。

〈 Shipping way 〉
order processing time 3 days
We will ship from Japan.
Please understand that the shipment may delay more before Christmas and summer season.

We will notify you of the 13-digit tracking number starting from and ending with after shipping.
So please check the tracking information on the website of Japan Post, package tracking sites such as xx, and websites of post offices in each country.

Basically, you can check detailed information such as delivery to delivery consignors, bringing-back due to absence, etc., but tracking information after leaving Japan is not updated in some countries.

Main countries where tracking numbers are not reflected as of August 2019.


In order for us to investigate the location of mails after leaving Japan, we need a written survey request, which requires more than one month.


〈 販売方法 〉

〈 The way of Sales 〉
Currently, we neither sell by subscription nor do production by order.

Name and Contact Information of Company


Address:高崎市下里見町1326-1, 群馬県 3703343

Masashi Imai